Top 10 Ways to Deal with Negativity

1.Ign0re it: Don’t respond to comments that are from internet trolls or haters

2. Bl0ck It: Block them if you have to

3. C0nfr0nt It: If you know them in real life then tell them to stop if you don’t like what they’re doing

4. D0n’t Ch00se It: Don’t try to control people’s choices

5.D0n’t Seek It 0ut: Don’t try to find hateful comments

6.D0n’t Take It Pers0nally: Think if it was someone else then what would you tell them

7.D0n’t Take It seri0usly: Try to laugh at what people make fun of you

8.D0n’t Serve It Back: Trying to take revenge won’t really change anything

9.D0n’t Create It: Don’t do something online that you wouldn’t do something irl

10.Kn0w It’s Not About You: sometimes when people laugh at something that you don’t like, don’t hate on them because they could be laughing to just fit in.


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