Uganda Knuckles

knuckles.pngIf you don’t know about Knuckles the Echidna, then i’ll just say hes from Sonic the Hedgehog which was made by Sega.

Uganda Knuckles: The start of Uganda Knuckles

The first sight of Uganda Knuckles was in Gregzilla’s Video and then fans of twitch streamer Forsen made various Uganda warrior related jokes and Uganda-themed related memes. DeviantArtist then released a 3D model of Gregzilla’s Knuckles depiction. Videos came out in VRChat with the Uganda Knuckles avatar. The meme was then accused of promoting racist stereotypes against Africans. When users of the Uganda Knuckles Avatars made clicking sounds and used the “do you know the way” meme was probably made some people think it was racist. Some people did defend the meme saying that it was merely appreciating the movie “Who Killed Captain Alex?”



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