Staying quiet is important but not always, though it is best if you stay quiet when working with other people. If you are not quiet it could affect others but also you. Being quiet helps you hear when your boss or teacher is speaking and teaching. Not staying quiet might disturb people, might make people not be able to hear, or you could start a fight.

  You should stay quiet because you could make other people not be able to hear the boss or teacher. You might get in trouble by your boss or teacher. Other students or your coworkers might get mad at you for being so loud and a fight may start. Your coworkers could be affected if you don’t stay quiet in times, and you could be affected as well.

  You should also stay quiet because you could disturb people while they are doing something and lose their focus. They would then try to regain their focus and if it was important then you might get them in trouble if they don’t complete it or do bad on it. Then they might blame you or you might get in trouble, which would affect you. That is why you should stay quiet.

 Not being quiet could start a fight. It could start a fight because people could get mad for you being so loud. They could also be mad at you because you made them miss what the teacher said or what the boss said. It would start a fight and you would get in trouble and the other person in trouble.

Overall if you don’t stay quiet you could affect yourself and others. You could get in trouble or/and get somebody else in trouble. These reasons are why you should stay quiet during class or during work

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